Sustainability and Impact Engineering


We monitor and report on energy performance for 12 months after completion of all of our projects because we are results driven and we live for satisfied clients. We make active changes to operations during that period to ensure that savings and comfort reach their highest possible levels.


We measure & neutralize our carbon footprint by supporting verified carbon offset projects.


Results Driven

  • 01
    Reduction of utility bills
    For lowering natural gas, electricity and other fuel costs.
  • 02
    Strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions
    For planning reductions in single buildings, whole organizations and building portfolios.
  • 03
    Solutions to Mechanical Problems
    Fixing equipment and comfort complaints that affect business performance.
  • 04
    Engineering for Low Carbon New Construction Projects
    For designing ambitious mechanical solutions for innovative new buildings.
Enable our clients to reduce their energy bills and their carbon output through highly efficient mechanical design and professional management during and after implementation.
Lead the way to a sustainable future by proving that it is possible to be profitable while preserving the environment for future generations.


Client Achievements

To date, we have achieved a maximum reduction of 90% in natural gas use and an 88% reduction in carbon emissions.

The average HiH client saves ~ $10,000 annually in natural gas on a single building and reduces their carbon emissions by about 40%.

Reduction of Natural Gas Use 90%
Reduction of Carbon emissions 88%

Client Savings to end of 2016

Electricity (kWh)
Natural Gas (Gj)
Carbon (Tonnes C02e)
“HiH helped us by designing a Solar PV installation for our Athabasca Falls Hostel that gave us energy independence and cut our carbon emissions from electricity by 88%.”
Alistair McLean
“HiH Energy helped us to modernize our old ventilation and heating system which reduced our electricity use by 46% and resulted in savings of more than $10,000 annually.”
Marlaena Mann
“We're getting new, reliable equipment and reducing our carbon emissions by ~34 tons. HiH has been very responsive, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Ralph Wells
“HiH conducted an energy study and identified solutions for a 75% reduction in natural gas use for heating and an 115-ton reduction in carbon emissions overall at the site.”
Alex Hutton

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