Clements Green

Projected $8,000 annual savings



Clements Green is a 4-storey residential building co-developed by UBC Properties Trust and is the first green building on the UBC campus. Initially offered to staff and faculty exclusively, the Building features 55 homes, with exceptional energy performance including the use of geothermal energy for hot water; water efficient fixtures and rainwater sensors on landscape irrigation.

Client Expectations

Project representative Ralph Wells, Community Energy Manager at UBC, relayed that Clements Green had recently experienced two compressor failures in the originally installed geothermal heat pump and was facing a decision on what to do next. It was also very important to continue and to expand upon the leading role in Sustainability originally set by the building.

Project Outcome

HiH identified a strategy to replace the original geothermal heat pump with a more efficient and reliable model and to expand the use of that heat pump to preheat ventilation air, resulting in a reduction in the natural gas use of approximately 800 GJ and 30 tonnes of carbon emissions.

HiH Energy conducted an onsite review of the mechanical systems and captured its recommendations in a small format Energy Study that presented savings and project budgets to decision makers.
The project was given the go-ahead to proceed and HiH developed a Design and Tender package, issued an RFP to bidders and assisted in selecting the successful contractor.

The project is currently in construction.

“HiH Energy helped us to navigate a difficult situation and to find a solution when our Geothermal Heat Pump failed twice in the last two years. HiH conducted an Energy Study that gave us specific design solutions and budgets that would result in a payback of about 5 years. Not only will we get new, reliable equipment, we’ll also be reducing our carbon emissions by about 34 tons. HiH has been very responsive, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

– Ralph Wells, Community Energy Manager UBC

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