Carrier Sekani

$10,000 annual savings
(combined gas and electricity)



The Carrier Sekani Family Services building in Prince George is a 2-storey office space as well as a holistic health and wellness services centre for the Carrier and Sekani people of North Central British Columbia.

Client Expectations

Management at Carrier Sekani Family Services was facing a large investment decision in the replacement of the failing rooftop ventilation system and was also experiencing high electricity bills at their site.

Project Outcome

HiH identified a strategy to install a new rooftop ventilation system and to improve comfort throughout the building, well under the project budget, that resulted in close to a 50% reduction in electricity use.

HiH conducted an exhaustive on-site review of all of natural gas and electricity using systems on site and provided specific recommendations and project budgets for the proposed work.

HiH designed and sized the new ventilation system as well as both central and local controls and made room by room energy improvements at the site. Construction supervision and energy monitoring were both included in this project.

The project is complete and the client is very pleased with the results.

“HiH Energy helped us to modernize our old ventilation and heating system which reduced our electricity use by 46%. This resulted in savings of more than $10,000 annually! We’re also a lot more comfortable in our office these days and complaints have gone way down. During construction, whenever issues came up HiH was quick to respond and to coordinate solutions with ourselves and the contractor. We’ve been really happy with the results and with the service!”

– Marlaena Mann, Director, Communications, Public Relations & Projects at Carrier Sekani Family Services

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