George Derby Centre

338 Tonnes reduction in annual carbon emissions 



George Derby Centre consists of three (3) general resident care units with multiple lounge areas and dining rooms as well as a commercial kitchen. The Centre also has two (2) secured special care units for residents with dementia. The total floor area is 130,000 sqft consisting of 300 beds. Originally built in 1988, the facility is owned and operated by George Derby Care Society.    

Client Expectations

The George Derby Centre facility is at an age where most of the critical mechanical systems are in need of major renovation or replacement. Existing equipment has been contributing to large consumption of natural gas, high carbon emissions and elevated maintenance costs. George Derby Administration and Operations personnel looked to HiH Energy to assess the most cost effective and energy efficient retrofit projects and to coordinate funding to assist in making the projects a reality.

In the spring of 2018, HiH Energy embarked on a major Energy Study of the facility, with funding support through the Fortis Custom program. The findings of the study identified replacement of the existing cooling tower including the addition of a heat recovery heat pump to pre-heat domestic water, optimizing ventilation levels and temperature controls, replacement of one original boiler with a right-sized high efficiency condensing boiler and controls and equipment upgrades to the commercial kitchen operation.

George Derby staff were involved throughout in identifying priority areas for retrofits and to ensure that building operation and occupant comfort were improved with every project.

Project Outcome

The study resulted in approved capital incentive funding of approximately $163,000, representing close to 1/2 of the incremental project costs or close to 1/3 of the total project costs (all including the cost of engineering design and support throughout).

This series of projects is now under construction with the Cooling Tower replacement to be addressed first, followed by ventilation, kitchen, boilers and DHW systems.

We look forward to reporting next year on a fully installed project.

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