Athabasca Falls Hostel

88% reduction in carbon emissions



Athabasca Falls Hostel is located in Jasper National Park on a wilderness site that is not connected to any central utilities where guests can experience the surrounding natural beauty and off-grid living.

Client Expectations

HI Canada had recently learned that their previous power arrangement with a neighbouring site was about to end and that they would be without electricity in short order. Given the pristine location and HI’s mission to connect guests with the natural environment, the decision was made to pursue the installation of a Solar Photovoltaic system to provide electricity.

Project Outcome

HiH identified a strategy to install a Solar PV system that would reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation by 88% compared to their current operations.

HiH conducted an exhaustive onsite review of all power using systems at the site and recommended replacements and removals in order to reduce the size and cost of the new Solar PV system.

HiH designed and sized the new Solar PV system using a 15 module, pole-mounted array, as well as a backup high-efficiency propane generator with the intention of the hostel being 100% solar powered during the summer months and 50% solar, powered during the winter months.

The project is complete and the hostel manager is very pleased with the results.

“HiH helped us by designing a Solar PV installation for our Athabasca Falls Hostel that gave us energy independence at the site and cut our carbon emissions from electricity by 88%. We faced a very tough situation when we learned that our previous arrangement for electricity was about to end. We’re very thankful that HiH was able to provide us with a timely solution that met our needs and also gave us a great success story to share with our members and guests. We’re proud to be only on site renewable energy, especially given the location of the hostel within the pristine environment of Jasper National Park.”

– Alistair McLean, CEO, CHAIR CED, Pacific Mountain Region, HI Canada

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