North Shore Winter Club

26% Reduction in Total Electricity Use



The site which is located on Keith Road, North Vancouver is divided into five areas: Building A (office, restaurant, dining area, and change rooms/bathrooms); Building B (change rooms, rooftop tennis court, and school); Building C (curling rink, lower and upper tennis courts, lounges); arena (ice rink) and exterior areas (parkade and swimming pool courtyard / underground).

Client Expectations

North Shore Winter Club had a very large annual electricity bill as well as equipment that needed renewal, specifically some key ice making equipment. HiH Energy hoped to assist in linking the client with incentive funding from BC Hydro as well as creating a consulting team to deliver the work.

In March 2016, the North Shore Winter Club implemented an energy-efficiency project at their 1325 E Keith Road location. The project consisted of replacing existing ice plant compressors, the addition of lighting controls for existing lighting, installation of low emissivity ceilings above ice surfaces and upgrade of heating and cooling controls for rooftop ventilation units.


Project Outcome

North Shore Winter Club saved a whopping 757,000kWh, representing a 26% reduction in their total electricity use. These savings were recently verified by BC Hydro through a rigorous Measurement and Verification process which gained the client access to the final 25% payment of capital incentive funding that they achieved through the BC Hydro Commercial Custom Incentive Program.

“HiH Energy did a fantastic job at enabling us to save a whopping 757,000kWh of electrical energy for the club. I was extremely impressed with the hands-on project management and thankful for the technical assistance they provided us throughout the project. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

– Steve Hardin, Operations Manager, North Shore Winter Club

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