Sunset Towers

$30,000 annual natural gas savings



Located in the heart of the West End, Sunset Towers is a short distance from shops and picturesque walks in Stanley Park or along the seawall. The site offers 475 self-contained subsidized studio & one bedroom apartments and is owned and operated by More Than A Roof Housing Society. The site consists of two towers (23 storey and 16 storeys) with concrete construction originally built in 1972.

Clients Expectation

More Than A Roof Housing Society has recently taken over ownership and operation of Sunset Towers from BC Housing and as such is working hard to update existing systems, to get a handle on maintenance liabilities and to reduce high annual utility costs.

The two towers at the site are served by a common mechanical heating and domestic hot water (DHW) system, allowing central upgrades to affect both buildings. 

In the spring of 2018, HiH Energy embarked on a major Energy Study of the facility, with funding support through the Fortis Custom program. The findings of the study identified the opportunity to decouple the existing boiler plant in order to dedicate boilers to DHW and Space Heating so that they can run optimally for each service, to optimize DHW production and storage temperatures as well as to add controls to the DHW Re-circulation system, to optimize ventilation volume and temperature, to replace in-suite thermostats and zone valves and to install a new DDC controls system to more efficiently operate all of the above while providing improved maintenance support.

More Than A Roof staff were involved throughout in identifying priority areas for retrofits and to ensure that building operation and occupant comfort were improved with every project.

Project Outcome

The study resulted in approved capital incentive funding of approximately $65,000 through the Fortis Custom program. In addition, HiH Energy worked with staff from BC Non-Profit Housing Society to secure Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program (EERP) funding from BC Housing to cover the remainder of the project costs including engineering design and construction support.

This series of projects is now under construction with boiler decoupling having taken place and major controls upgrades nearing completion.

We look forward to reporting next year on a fully installed project.

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