Youville Residence

Proposed 75% reduction in carbon emissions from heating



Youville Residence is a multi-level care facility located across from Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. It is home to seniors residents, and older adults needing specialized mental health services.

Client Expectations

The Energy Management Team had identified high natural gas use at Youville Residence and needed to identify the reasons that this was occurring as well as to develop a strategy to reduce both energy use and carbon emissions.

Project Outcome

HiH Energy identified a strategy to reduce natural gas use for space heating by 75%, resulting in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions (one among several strategies identified).

The complete set of strategies called for the replacement of the gas boiler system with a high-efficiency system that operates during the coldest months only, while a new primary heating system consisting of an air source heat pump would operate during the vast majority of the year.

HiH’s Energy Study was used by the Energy Management Team to secure funding for the project.

HiH then provided the mechanical design for the boiler replacement (Phase 1 of the project – currently underway) as well as feasibility for the air source heat pump installation (Phase 2 – to follow).

“HiH conducted an energy study for our team at Youville Residence and was able to identify mechanical design solutions that would result in a 75% reduction in natural gas use for heating and a 115-ton reduction in carbon emissions overall at the site. HiH has since provided mechanical design for Phase 1 of the project (boiler replacement) which is currently under construction. We are looking forward to great results!”

Alex Hutton, Energy Manager at Provincial Health Services Authority

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