Reduce Your Impact & Save More Money


We monitor and report on energy performance for 12 months after completion of all of our projects because we are results driven and we live for satisfied clients. We make active changes to operations during that period to ensure that savings and comfort reach their highest possible levels.

Commitment to Our Clients

Reduction of utility bills

For lowering natural gas, electricity and other fuel costs to save you money.

Strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

For planning reductions in single buildings, whole organizations and building portfolios.

Solutions to Mechanical Problems

Fixing equipment and comfort complaints that affect business performance.

Engineering for Low Carbon New Construction Projects

For designing ambitious mechanical solutions for innovative new buildings.

Our Areas of Expertise

Energy Studies and Incentives

  • BC Housing and BCNPHA Energy Studies for Incentive Funding
  • Fortis and BC Hydro Energy Studies for Incentive Funding
  • Building Audits with Business Cases, Incentive Identification and Design Recommendations to enable Energy Retrofit projects

Mechanical Design and Implementation

  • Mechanical Engineering and Design for Energy Retrofit, Renewables and Fuel Switching Projects
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design for highly efficient New Construction Projects
  • Project Management during construction and Energy Monitoring post construction

Strategic Planning and Training

  • Development of Strategic Energy Management Plans for Organizations and Building Portfolios
  • Strategic Planning, Budget Development and Prioritization of Projects
  • On Site Training for in-house Energy Teams, Energy Managers and Executives

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